Our Philosophy

In relation to the Child:

  •  Educators should develop each child’s personality and talents to their full potential.
  • Educators will encourage children to respect themselves, one another and their environment, through spontaneous and intentional teaching opportunities
  • We value interests of each child and endeavour to base learning experiences around them
  • We strive to promote a physical and healthy lifestyle for children through education, planned and spontaneous experiences and role modelling.

 In relation to Educators:

  • We value knowledge and experience of each Educator of Marina Cottage Early Learning Centre, where each Educator is encouraged to bring forth ideas
  • Our Educators are encouraged and supported to further educate themselves through personal development and achieving goals
  • We believe in a shared accountability within Marina Cottage Early Learning Centre, where all Educators are seen as equal

In relation to the Environment:

  •  We endeavour to create learning environments that excite and enhance each children’s interest, which offer endless opportunities for exploration, investigating, and intentional teaching moments, scaffolding children’s learning and interest
  • Marina cottage aims to create a “home like” environment where children feel a sense of belonging
  • We provide sustainable and processed resources within our environments and we maintain a balance between learning through play experiences which are initiated by the children and intentional teaching moments initiated by our Educators
  • We embed sustainable practices in ways that will nurture environmentally responsible mindsets and result in a planet that is able to support future life.

 In relation to Families and Community:

  •  We acknowledge that Marina Cottage Early Learning centre stands on the land of the Wodi Wodi people of the Dharawal Nation, and we acknowledge the Aboriginal Community support, interactions and participation in our centre’s community
  • We believe honest, respectful communication, helps to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with our families. We aim to encourage families’ engagement within our centre to build a strong sense of belonging.
  • We endeavour to collaborate with our local community, building meaningful connections
  • We value diverse cultural perspectives and embed them into our service and daily practices